Hiring a Pinterest Virtual Assistant

5 reasons to hire a Pinterest Virtual Assistant


Pinterest is a proven way to drive traffic to your product, blog, or idea. That said, it does require a bit more 'leg-work' than other social networks. Hiring a Pinterest focused virtual assistant, like PinPals, can be a huge benefit to you & your business.

This post covers 5 ways using a Pinterest virtual assistant may help you

1. Time

This is the big one.

While there are some web browser plug-ins & tools that make adding pins to your Pinterest account somewhat easier, none of them actually create eye-catching custom content for your pages. This is the kind of content that users love & share. This is also the kind of content that takes a little bit of time & someone love graphics & design to create.

You have so much to do already that outsourcing this involved part of your social media strategy can save you loads of time.

2. ROI

As mentioned above, Pinterest users love original content, but that takes a keen eye to create. Hiring someone with such an eye who can really mine your ideas for all their value makes Pinterest the biggest return on investment of any social network. This happens for one simple reason: quality shelf-life.

Well designed Pinterest content can serve as an evergreen flow of traffic to your site, as all it is for one person to share your content to their board to start the dominoes falling. That pin can be discovered at any point & if it even gets a small amount of traction at any point, it might still be getting shared on Pinterest months or years later. This is something that is possible through Pinterest's unique discovery concepts & is just not possible with other social networks.

3. Best Practices

Pinterest has very unique parameters & specific rules of the road to prevent spam. As we've already mentioned the site can be a bit harder to get started on, as a business they do require a bit professionalism from you than regular users.

Having a virtual assistant keep up with the changes & trends of the platform makes sure your content not only always meets Pinterest's requirements, but actually shines.

4. Campaign Management

Having a Pinterest VA can help you formulate & launch original Pinterest campaigns around your product, blog, or idea. Having some extra hands during such a promotion can help give you useful analytics & insight on what to tweak to get more traffic for not only whatever campaign you are running, but future ones as well.

5. Simply Getting Started

Maybe you've heard about how Pinterest is the place to be, but simply haven't had the time to stated there. We understand! There's only so many social networks you can manage, right? Well, hiring a Pinterest virtual assistant can let you get started on the most exciting platform of them all. All you need to is provide a little direction & some of your vision.

Contact us today to find out how we can get your Pinterest account set up for an very affordable cost.