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Proven success with Pinterest viral marketing campaigns using the Pin Pals design service.
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About Eric Blanton: Founder of PinPals

Hello there!

My name is Eric Blanton & I started PinPals to help businesses, big & small, succeed on Pinterest. I found great success marketing my apps on the platform & began to be contacted by others wanting me to help them.

Initially, I only offered my Pinterest Pin Design services as a freelancer through Fiverr, where I am still a 5 star seller. They have also featured my gigs on their site. You’re welcome to order my services there, too, if you prefer. Using PinPals gives you many great benefits & our affordable subscription plans allow for the ongoing monthly attention your Pinterest account needs.

About PinPals

PinPals is a Pinterest pin design & account management service created by Sugar Coded Apps, a popular mobile app company & leader in embracing Pinterest as a powerful way to grow interest in your brand.

Sugar Coded Apps was founded in 2010 and found success in a very competitive app market by leveraging the visual marketing angle that Pinterest provides to you. Our knowledge of creating vibrant & eye-catching visuals for our apps has proven useful in creating powerful pins that people seem to love.

Our app, Crochet Decoder, rose to the top 20 in the Lifestyle category on iTunes based on the over 20,000 re-pins the app received on Pinterest. Since then our company has been an innovator in the field of Pinterest marketing with apps such as The Newbery App & WDW Souvenir Spotter. These apps were creatively marketed with wholly original Pinterest campaigns where custom content was created as a way to drive interest & downloads.

Finding success on the platform led us to create a blog, Appinings, where we helped hundreds of other indie developers understand how to use Pinterest to market their apps.

Our experience & success has also led us to being contacted by other companies to not only create custom Pinterest pins for them, but set up whole accounts & offer consultation services on how to improve their campaigns.

With our knowledge in all facets of Pinterest from ‘Promoted Pins’ ( Pinterest ads) to A-B testing, we set out to design a service that offers all businesses the opportunity to find success on the Pinterest platform at an affordable cost.

After years of just making & designing pins, PinPals tarted offering full Pinterest Virtual Assistant Services, in 2017. We can noe completely run your Pinterest account on a monthly basis, for a very affordable cost.

Ultimately, we just love making pins for Pinterest & we’d love to make some for you—so we started PinPals.

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-Our apps have had over 500,000 downloads worldwide
-First page SEO for many of our apps based on Pinterest results
-We’ve created thousands of custom optimized Pinterest pins (in almost every industry)
-Those pins have been ‘repinned’ over 100,000 times
-We’ve created pins & managed accounts for many diverse products & national brands
-We created the internet’s first blog aimed at teaching indie developers & other small business how to embrace Pinterest
-Our founder, Eric Blanton, is a five star Fiverr freelancer.

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