PinPals offers pin design services, pin scheduling, complete Pinterest account management services, & more.

Pin Pals is a graphic design serivice that helps businesses create stunning pins for the Pinterest page.

We offer several ways to help with your Pinterest account. Choose the right option below to learn more & order.

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Option 1: Pin Design Only Service.

Starting at $34/month.
Push to see prices.
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“This is an affordable way to have high converting custom, static, Pinterest pins designed for your account every month. We make, you pin it!”

5 Custom Pinterest Pins Designed For Your Account Every Month:

Starting at $34.

10 Custom Pinterest Pins Designed For Your Account Every Month:

Starting at $59.

20 Custom Pinterest Pins Designed For Your Account Every Month:

Starting at $89.

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Option 2: Pins Designed, Posted, & Scheduled!

Starting at $59/month.
Push to see prices.
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“Have optimized, static, Pinterest pins made & posted to your account every month with SEO optimized descriptions. We can even monitor your analytics to schedule your pins to post at optimum times for maximum exposure!”

5 Custom Pinterest Pins Designed & Posted To Your Account Every Month:

Starting at $59.

10 Custom Pinterest Pins Designed & Posted To Your Account Every Month:

Starting at $99.

20 Custom Pinterest Pins Designed & Posted To Your Account Every Month:

Starting at $159.

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Option 3: Complete Pinterest Virtual Assistant Services

Starting at $79/month
Push to see prices.
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“Let us be your Pinterest Virtual Assistant & completely manage your account for you. With this option we make pins you, post them to your account, implement organic growth engagement strategies, do group board outreach, & many other specialized account tasks.”

8 Hours Of Dedicated Service To Your Account Every Month. Includes pin creation, posting & much more.

Starting at $149.

12 Hours Of Dedicated Service To Your Account Every Month. Includes pin creation, posting & much more.

Starting at $199.

20 Hours Of Dedicated Service To Your Account Every Month. Includes pin creation, posting & much more.

Starting at $299.

Other services offered

We can even set up, makeover, or optimize your account!

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Pinterest Set-Up Service

Starting at $125.
Push to see prices.
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“This is a great option is a one time purchase. Let us get your Pinterest account established or makeover your existing account to make your brand shine!”

Standard Set-Up of up to 3 Boards with Cover Pins & Design 12 Custom Pins For
Your Account:

Starting at $125

Standard Set-Up of 5 Boards with Cover Pins & Design 25 Custom Pins For Your Account:

Starting at $175.

Standard Set-Up of 10 Boards with Cover Pins & Design 50 Custom Pins For Your Account:

Starting at $275.

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Video Pins, Carousel Pins, & more!
Starting at $39

Prices coming soon… contact us for details >>>
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“Pinterest offers the ability to embed custom made video pins & multi-slide ‘Carousel pins’ in their feeds now. These dynamic & interactive pins take longer to make, but offer the ability to reach audiences new ways. Creating this kind of content is included in our monthly VA subscriptions as a flex option, but can also be ordered ala carte, here.”

Pinterest Account Extra Services

Custom made, optimized Pinterest Video Pin: Starting at

Pinterest Story Carousel Pin (up to 5 slides) Starting at

Pinterest Optimized GIF Slideshow (up to 5 slides) Starting at

~ Q & A ~
Why do I need this service?>
Pinterest has become one of the most popular social networks the last several years, but it can be one of the hardest to get momentum on & keep up with. Since it is a such a visual medium, one hurdle is consistently creating eye-catching pins that get the attention of its users & drive traffic to your site. That’s where having a dedicated service like PinPals can make all the difference. We’ve created thousands of bold custom graphics for: products, websites, apps, blog posts, & more. We’ve also had great success creating awesome content for Pinterest, & we’d love to to create some for you, too.

While many plugins will allow users to pin any image from your site onto their Pinterest boards, most images aren’t optimized for Pinterest & many users like to repin exciting custom content they discover from right in the Pinterest app or website. To have the most success on the platform, the best strategy is to have an active presence that produces memorable custom content that people want to repin to their boards. This happens to be the kind of content we excel at creating!

One common issue with Pinterest is that many companies join the social network with the best of intentions, but just don’t update it frequently enough with original content. Visually stunning original content is what leads people to your site & this is how you grow virally on the platform. At the very least, using our service will provide you with fantastic looking fresh content you can post to your Pinterest account & perhaps inspire you to investigate its unlimited potential even further.

Once you start posting to Pinterest with our custom creations, you will likely see more buzz & interest around your Pinterest account.

Isn’t Pinterest free to post to, why should I pay a service to make content for me?>
Very true, Pinterest is free to post to and, while we believe it’s the best social network currently available for driving traffic to your website, honestly it can also be the most involved. That involvement increases when you’re just getting started on the platform or if you’re a business or blogger & have limited resources to deal with. You start wonder if it’s worth the time & begin to push i aside.

While just setting up a page & pinning some random images from your site will work, your pins are likely to get overshadowed by jazzier creations on Pinterest. To really succeed you need optimized graphics that really catch people’s attention when they scrolling through. Designing those kind of graphics takes time & preferably a passion for Pinterest.

Ultimately, not only does PinPals take some social workload off your plate, but by outsourcing your Pinterest pin needs to us you are getting quality content at an amazing price. For instance, if you subscribe to our monthly Silver Pins Plus level you’d get 10 Pins Made & Scheduled every month for $99. So for under $100 you’re getting 10 permanent links back to your site posted to a very popular social network. This is great for longterm &evergreen traffic.

So using this service will definitely bring my site traffic?>
We can promise it won’t hurt it! Honestly, Pinterest has done wonders for our own company, Sugar Coded Apps, & many of our clients. Some websites we’ve built a Pinterest presence for report getting as much as a third of their referral traffic from the very active social network. Having a pin that even gets a moderate amount of ‘repins’ ( sharing on Pinterest ) can also do wonders for your SEO, too. Since Pinterest is such a popular site, many times viral pins rank higher on Google than the actual company’s site. (See our case study regarding the app Crochet Decoder >)

Of course, posting exciting content is just one factor. You’ll want to write good descriptions for your pins & have focused boards that people can follow based on their interests. With our experience & success, we’ll be happy to offer some advice to you once you start using our service.

Which plan should I choose?>
Good question! Many clients don’t really know how many pins they need or just want to test the waters. You can always start with a small plan & upgrade later if you need to.

If you subscribe to a monthly plan, any used designs during that month carry over to the next month. If you decide on one of our ala carte options , you must claim your designs in 60 days or the pin credits expire.

Is it easy to cancel if I don’t like it?>
Yes! We understand many clients have fluctuating budgets & might need us more or less in spurts. So, there is no lock-in or contracts with any of our plans. You can upgrade, downgrade, or cancel at any time.

Likewise, all of our plans & payments are handled though PayPal… so you can actually cancel at anytime of your end, as well.

So, the service is pretty flexible?>
Most definitely! You can choose to pay monthly, for a whole year up front, or go month-to-month ala carte when you need it. As a subscriber to either our Pin Design Service or Pinterest Virtual Assistant service, you’ll be given access to your own project board where you can communicate with our team & track work being done & completed! Based on your subscription plan, your project will be completed in under 72 hours once we have your instruction.

Sounds good, what do you need from me to create my pins?>
Not much, really! For most pins all we need is a link to the page, product, or promotion you want people to visit. You can give us an idea what text you want on the graphic & let us know what specific image you want to use. If you have no idea what you want or need, no problem! We are very creative & have over 500,000 royalty free images we can use to create your custom pin. Every design gets unlimited revisions until you’re happy with it.

What if I don’t have a Pinterest account… can you help me?>
No problem—we offer a great Starter Package that includes setting up your account, building your first 5 boards, & creating 20 custom pins. You even get a free month of Standard Plan credits you can use at a future date!

My account needs a lot of work, besides just making pins. Can you help?
Why yes, we can! Our Pinterest Virtual Assistant Service offers complete Pinterest Account Management. You get all the features of the Pins Plus plan (pins made & scheduled for your account every month).

With the Pinterest VA Plans though, you also get set ‘Flexible Time’ every month. With this flexible time we can help with any other Pinterest tasks you need done to grow your account like: Group Boards research & outreach, engagement tasks, video pin creation, Promoted Pin ad campaign management, & much more.