Wrapping your brain around Pinterest for businesses

Wrapping your brain around Pinterest if you're a business


Pinterest often, & rightfully, gets included in the discussion of popular social networks your business should be using. Like most social platforms you do make a profile, you do post things about your business to followers, & there is some basic communication functionality. That's sorta where the typical social network comparisons end.

In some ways Pinterest is both a drop dead simple concept and an overly involved platform to get started with, especially as a business. Even the companies own description of itself as: "The visual bookmarking tool that helps you discover and save creative ideas" is kind of oblique. Unlike other social networks where you can post indiscriminately to friends & family, Pinterest requires a certain amount thought, planning, & organization to get started & maintain, especially if you plan to be successful. It's 'social', I suppose, but to many users also be a deeply personal (almost introverted) experience compared to other social networks.

Things get even more involved with Pinterest if you are starting as a business. After you go through a slightly more intensive process of getting verified & setting up your Pinterest Business Account you are presented with a blank slate to promote your company. There's two ways to view a blank slate. One is as yet another daunting social presence you have to build & manage. The another is as the perfect space to build hundreds of exciting visual bookmarks to specific pages, certain products, & even more on your website.

The PinPals team is here to help make every business on Pinterest succeed with building the visual story of your company. If you're not on there yet we also offer a starter plan to help get up & going on there. We believe Pinterest is the most exciting of all the top social networks for businesses, but we do know it's hard to get started & maintain. That's why we started this service, to help.

Whereas Twitter, Facebook, G+, Instagram & LinkedIn are social networks where news, pictures, & updates about your company take center stage, the posts are often ephemeral & quickly gone within a couple of days. They aren't as involved to post to as Pinterest, but the longterm payoff of the post is questionable.

Pinterest is different. While int is try to succeed you do need to put a bit more work into the content you create, the shelf-life of your posts are infinite because the platform is built on discovery rather than instant gratification. In that respect the platform is more akin to blogging, I suppose...albeit blogging with custom designed images & graphics.

Creating eye-catching content is the first step, but we hope to cover the other things you need to succeed in future PinPals blog posts. In our next post we'll PinPoint the 5 main concepts you need to understand to make your business to succeed on Pinterest.

Happy pinning,