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PinPals is a service that helps you create stunning Pinterest graphics.

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Our affordable service starts at $19. See all of our Starter Services below.


5 custom pins designed for your Pinterest profile

$19 /One time purchase
You get 5 PinCredits* to be used within a month.
72 hour turnaround/pin
Unlimited revisions until satisfied!
Buy a one year plan at this level & not only GET ONE MONTH FREE, but your allotted ‘Pin Credits’ carryover from month to month if you don’t use them!
Learn more here>
This level is perfect for a small business or blogger who needs some occasional unique custom Pinterest content to drive traffic to their site & increase SEO.
*1 PinCredit = 1 custom design. This plan gives you 30 days to use 5 PinCredits before they expire.


10 custom pins designed for your Pinterest profile

$29 /One time purchase
You get 10 PinCredits* to be used within a month.
48 hour turnaround/pin
Unlimited revisions until satisfied!
Buy a one year plan at this level & not only GET ONE MONTH FREE, but your allotted ‘Pin Credits’ carryover from month to month if you don’t use them!
Learn more here>
This level is perfect for a business that has many products or services it promotes. It’s also great for bloggers looking to post eye-catching pins a couple of times a week to Pinterest & get quality backlinks.
*1 PinCredit = 1 custom design. This plan gives you 30 days to use 10 PinCredits before they expire.


20 custom pins designed for you Pinterest profile

$49 /One time purchase
You get 20 PinCredits* to be used within a month.
24 hour turnaround/pin
Unlimited revisions until you’re happy!
Buy a one year plan at this level & not only GET ONE MONTH FREE, but your allotted ‘Pin Credits’ carryover from month to month if you don’t use them!
Learn more here>
This level is great for bloggers who create daily posts for which they need visually striking pins. It’s also great for businesses that offer many products or services & would like to feature each one in creative ways.
*1 PinCredit = 1 custom design. This plan gives you 30 days to use 20 PinCredits before they expire.

~ Q & A ~
Why do I need this service?>
Pinterest has become one of the most popular social networks the last several years, but it can be one of the hardest to get momentum on & keep up with. Since it is a such a visual medium, one hurdle is consistently creating eye-catching pins that get the attention of its users & drive traffic to your site. That’s where having a dedicated service like PinPals can make all the difference. We’ve created thousands of bold custom graphics for: products, websites, apps, blog posts, & more. We’ve also had great success creating awesome content for Pinterest, & we’d love to to create some for you, too.

While many plugins will allow users to pin any image from your site onto their Pinterest boards, most images aren’t optimized for Pinterest & many users like to repin exciting custom content they discover from right in the Pinterest app or website. To have the most success on the platform, the best strategy is to have an active presence that produces memorable custom content that people want to repin to their boards. This happens to be the kind of content we excel at creating!

One common issue with Pinterest is that many companies join the social network with the best of intentions, but just don’t update it frequently enough with original content. Visually stunning original content is what leads people to your site & this is how you grow virally on the platform. At the very least, using our service will provide you with fantastic looking fresh content you can post to your Pinterest account & perhaps inspire you to investigate its unlimited potential even further.

Once you start posting to Pinterest with our custom creations, you will likely see more buzz & interest around your Pinterest account.

Isn’t Pinterest free to post to, why should I pay a service to make content for me?>
Very true, Pinterest is free to post to and, while we believe it’s the best social network currently available for driving traffic to your website, honestly it can also be the most involved. That involvement increases when you’re just getting started on the platform or if you’re a business or blogger & have limited resources. You start wonder if it’s worth the time & begin to just not deal with.

While just setting up a page & pinning some random images from your site will work, your pins are likely to get overshadowed by jazzier creations on Pinterest. To really succeed you need optimized graphics that really catch people’s attention when they scrolling through. Designing those kind of graphics takes time & preferably a passion for Pinterest.

Ultimately, not only does PinPals take some social workload off your plate, but by outsourcing your Pinterest pin needs to us you are getting quality content at an amazing price. For instance, if you subscribe to the One Year Premium Plan you’d get 120 custom pins for only $3.57 per pin. And that’s for an eye-catching permanent link to your product or website on a popular social network. (i.e. ‘a steal’) ;)

So using this service will definitely bring my site traffic?>
We can promise it won’t hurt it! Honestly, Pinterest has done wonders for our own company, Sugar Coded Apps, & many of our clients. Some websites we’ve built a Pinterest presence for report getting as much as a third of their referral traffic from the very active social network. Having a pin that even gets a moderate amount of ‘repins’ ( sharing on Pinterest ) can also do wonders for your SEO, too. Since Pinterest is such a popular site, many times viral pins rank higher on Google than the actual company’s site. (See our case study regarding the app Crochet Decoder >)

Of course, posting exciting content is just one factor. You’ll want to write good descriptions for your pins & have focused boards that people can follow based on their interests. With our experience & success, we’ll be happy to offer some advice to you once you start using our service.

Why do you use a time-based credits system?>
As a small team, it’s just easier for us to organize clients into time tracked tiers rather than getting bogged down with the minutiae of administration, contracts, or lingering unused accounts. Our clean system of time-based plans & allotted credits helps us focus on specific campaigns, projects, or goals for a client, whether they be short-term or long-term relationships.

By offering short-term plans we give you the opportunity to not only try out our service, but gauge the impact of the content we are creating for you without feeling locked into our service. If you are unsure about ‘taking the full Pinterest plunge’, we recommend a one-month-plan to get started. Vice-versa, if you are ready to really dive into Pinterest, we offer year-long plans that give you many options for us to create a ton of custom Pinterest content at an affordable price.

Our groundbreaking time-based credits system (PinCredits) both encourages our members to be proactive in using our service & more active on Pinterest itself—which is the whole reason PinPals exists. Ultimately, the more dedicated all parties are to the process, the more success we will mutually see. Since our plans don’t auto renew, if you find yourself not needing pins designed, it’s easy to just take a break without remembering to cancel & continuing to pay for a service you aren’t using.

Which plan should I choose?>
Good question! Many clients don’t really know how many pins they need or just want to test the waters. Our non-renewing 30 day plans are great for those clients or anyone just needing some Pinterest design work done on a short-term basis.

If you are concerned about your PinCredits expiring or have goals that involve a large Pinterest campaign, we recommend trying out our service for a month & then purchasing a 12 month subscription if you see the results you want. Unused PinCredits carryover month-to-month on our one-year-plans.

Is it easy to cancel if I don’t like it?>
One month plans expire after 30 days & do not auto renew. You don’t need to do anything! Same with 12 month subscriptions; if you want to cancel either early, simply email support & let them know. You will be refunded the prorated amount your remaining PinCredits are worth—no questions asked.

So, the service is pretty flexible?>
Most definitely! There are no fees or renewing subscriptions with this service. You can choose to pay for a whole year up front or go month-to-month. You can use your available credits whenever you need to. You’ll be given access to a member form where you simply place your order whenever it is convenient for you! Based on your membership plan, your project will be completed in under 72 hours, and you have unlimited revisions if you don’t like it.

Sounds good, what do you need from me to create my pins?>
Not much, really! For most pins all we need is a link to the page, product, or promotion you want people to visit. You can give us an idea what text you want on the graphic & let us know what specific image you want to use. If you have no idea what you want or need, no problem! We are very creative & have over 500,000 royalty free images we can use to create your custom pin. Every design gets unlimited revisions until you’re happy with it.

What if I don’t have a Pinterest account… can you help me?>
No problem—we offer a great Starter Package that includes setting up your account, building your first 5 boards, & creating 20 custom pins. You even get a free month of Standard Plan credits you can use at a future date!

Pinterest seems great, but I just don’t have time for it. Can’t you just mange it all for me?>
Why yes, we can! Our Deluxe Package offers complete Pinterest Account Management. You get all the features of the year-long Pro Plan with the added benefit of us updating your account weekly with the custom pins we create. You don’t even have to give us specific pins if you don’ want to. We’ll analyze your website, products, or services to create eye-catching Pinterest content that will just magically appear on your account on a consistent basis.

“I’m interested in your service, but sure would like a free pin designed for me to test it out first.”
Your current internal monologue

No problem! Simply send us your email and we’ll give you access to the member form where you can try our service out for free. We’ll make you one custom Pinterest pin for anything you want.

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