New Plans To Help You Get More Done On Pinterest

New Plans To Help You Get More Done On Pinterest

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When I started PinPals in the summer of 2016, it was simply based on the idea of helping make Pinterest pins for people. I used the platform to promote my app business in 2010/2011 & had gotten good response for my pins. It was the infancy of Pinterest and people started to reach out to me and ask if I would design pins from them, too. So, to make a little freelance money on the side of the 'unpredictable' revenue of my indie app making adventures, I was like, ‘sure!’

Slowly, this morphed into a few more people asking me for help with their Pinterest accounts, so I decided to start offering my skills as a service of freelancer platforms such as Fiverr... where I really got some good attention & reviews.

Being an industrious soul, I mapped out a service of my own to provide Pinterest pins for customers, through an easy to use service of my own creation. I launched PinPals in 2016 as a new concept to provide clients a set number of fresh Pinterest pin designs every month. The plans were simple: 5, 10, or 20 pins per month... through an easy PayPal subscription.

While this simplicity was fine for some customers, I quickly discovered it was too limiting for others. Several clients wanted me to make pins & also pin them to their account. Basically manage their account for them in some capacity. With these requests, in 2017 I rolled our the basics of this idea & it became the Pinterest Virtual Assistant service.

With the monthly Pinterest Virtual Assistant plans you got a certain number of hours worked on your account every month. Of course, within the framework of the VA plans, the main thing people wanted was just for pins to made & posted to their account. Well, most people.

See, Pinterest is so much more to others & is ever changing in the amount of tasks it entails. The main route to any success of Pinterest as a business is just making & posting quality pins... which will always be the cornerstone of what PinPals offers.

The platform has so many other tasks that can be done to help grow your presence & PinPals has always tried to stay up to date with these & even offer assistance to clients when they need it. Special tasks like:

⁃ Engagement tasks
⁃ Group Board Research & outreach
⁃ Video & Carousel pin creation
⁃ Ad Campaign Management
⁃ & so much more

Many of these tasks are more true to the concept of what a Pinterest Virtual Assistant does.

So, today I’m pleased to announce a more refined approach to what PinPals offers clients… a whole new tier of plans! There are three basic ways we can help you with your Pinterest on a monthly basis:
- Designing Pins Only,
- Designing Pins + Scheduling them to post,
- & Complete Pinterest Virtual Assistance.

Tier one will remain our Pins only plans, where you get 5, 10, or 20 pins made for your account every month. Like always, we make the pins & the that’s it. Having great looking pins is the first key to success on Pinterest & this is an affordable way to get quality content made for your account every month. Learn more about the Pinterest Pin Design Only plans here >>>

The new tier of plans we’re excited to launch is called: Pins Plus. What is the 'Plus', you ask? Well, we discovered over the last several years that many people who needed a Pinterest VA really just needed someone to make pins & then post said pins to their account. That was really it. Likewise, scheduling pins for optimum impact has become a better strategy on Pinterest in the last couple of years and they even have tools built in to their posting module now to allow this.

So, for many customer the Pins Plus plan we’ll be what they need. We will make a set number of pins every month and pin them to your account. Likewise, we will monitor your analytics to see what pins are doing best & and what times. This will aid in us making & scheduling pins to post at the best times. Learn more about the Pinterest Pin Design + Posting and Scheduling plans here >>>

Finally, the Pinterest VA plans are getting a slight overhaul and new focus. They exist now in 8, 12, & 20 hour per month plans. (We're keeping the 4 hour plan available as a 'Lite' option, but we must admit that with Pinterest's ever changing landscape, 4 hours a month might not be enough to make a lasting impact.)

With the Pinterest VA plans you still get pins made and posted to your account, but we can do any or all of the other tasks mentioned above. So, if you need Group Board outreach, account engagement tasks, video pins, & more. You will want a VA plan.

Each Pinterest VA plan comes with a suggested breakdown of the work we can do for your account every month. That said, as we work on your account and learn you needs dynamically, each month we will start to create recommended a checklist of tasks to complete for the month we think we have the most impact for growth. You can, of course, give us direction for specific tasks you want done.... as with each VA plan you get flexible time that can be used each month. Learn more about our new enhanced Pinterest Virtual Assistant Plans here >>>

We have so many other neat things in store for PinPals as Pinterest continues to change & we strive to adapt and offer the best strategies to help people succeed there. This is just the first of many exciting things coming from PinPals, so stay tuned.

Eric Blanton

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