Pinterest optimized gifs! A PinPals exclusive.

Introducing Pinterest Optimized Gifs

Pinterest lets you share amazing static images. It also lets you share the old internet staple of animated gifs. While that's great, there is one little problem. Gifs aren't optimized for Pinterest at all.

While Pinterest's design language is vertical in nature… gifs are usually little squares or rectangles that get lost in the shuffle as you scroll a barrage of endless graphics. If you have an amazing first frame in your gif, you might have a chance at getting someone to press the little play button Pinterest provide on standard-sized gifs, but even then your chances are low. Truth is, un-optimized gifs are competing against images that are often designed specifically for Pinterest's audience, & they just don't completely lend themselves to the platform.

PinPals is changing that!

We're proud to introduce Pinterest Optimized Gifs. We call them PinfoGifs.

PinfoGifs look, feel, & act like regular vertically designed Pinterest pins…with one little exception. They are animated! From informational slideshows to interactive games, these creations will open up a whole new door to engaging content on Pinterest.

See our example below that features 5 Amazing Pinterest Facts & Stats that shows off what PinfoGifs can do.


(see this same gif on Pinterest to get the full effect of how it looks mixed among the usual pin specimens)

Using our mobile development knowledge we've been able to invent an amazing solution for creating Pinterest optimized animated graphics that is completely unique to our service. We're fairly certain we're the only company making Pinterest optimized animated gifs & quizzes, which is really cool. We want your business, blog, or product to shine on the platform, which is why we look to produce such exclusive content. See some of our custom Pinterest gifs on out Pinterest profile.

PinPals will create a custom branded Pinterest gif slideshow for your page for only $49 & a 10 question interactive quiz for $199. They take a couple of days to produce as there's a bit of creative sorcery that goes on. ;)

We're excited to share this new opportunity with you & we hope to hear from you soon if you want is to start on your PinfoGif!

Thanks & happy pinning,